'Me Too!' Following Peers In Making Mom's Day Purchases

You could have the greatest creative, a grand retargeting strategy and a brilliant pricing strategy, but the best way to get men to make an online gift purchase for Mother’s Day may well be to convince them that others like them are already your customers.

In research conducted two weeks before this year’s holiday, men were found to be 30.3% more likely to make a Mother’s Day gift purchase when they thought their peers were doing so.  Of the women surveyed, only 20.1% were similarly influenced by their peers (49% lower than for men).  

So how do you convince men that their peers are already buying your products? How can they come away thinking that you’re a proven source for mom’s day gifts?

Here are some tips to help men make the purchase:

  • Show top-selling items at the top of your content. For example, a sporting goods retailer could put their top five selling items for the past week at the forefront.
  • Show them what’s trending. For example, have a section on your site that shows the most searched products.
  • Be direct! Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t assume they even know Mother’s Day is around the corner. Let them know that – and tell them that others are already buying your products as gifts.
  • Grab their attention! Men spend less time on sites than women do, so you’ve got to engage them quickly. You can do that with colors that stand out and images that pop. 
  • Men are less likely to shop for their moms offline, and more likely to make online purchases as the big day gets closer and they realize time is running out. Use that to your advantage both through copy like “Only three days to Mother’s Day,” and “Free overnight shipping.”
  • Avoid coupons. They work better for women. 
  • Choose your products wisely. While women are more likely to gravitate towards specific perfumes, appropriate jewelry or clothing items, men are more likely to buy less complicated products, such as a dozen roses, a personalized gift card, a gift basket where the goodies are pre-selected, a spa gift certificate, or a box of assorted chocolates. 



So, if you want to engage men for Mother’s Day, hit them in their sweet spot with something simple, whether it’s chocolate or roses. Grab them with direct copy and arresting visuals and, yes, lay on the guilt about possibly missing the big day.

But, most of all, let them know they’re not alone. Other men just like them are also shopping for Mother’s Day gifts online – and even buying your brand. But let them know that soon. Time is running out. Mother’s Day is nearing. Don’t miss out!

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