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American Express Sets Theoretical Goal Of 100% Programmatic

Advertising Age has written that American Express has planned “to shift 100% of its online ad budget to programmatic channels,” and has asked potential ad tech providers how they would help AmEx accomplish this lofty goal.

However, when Advertising Age reached American Express for comment, it was revealed that the 100% figure “was more an aspiration than a real target.”

It's more of a theoretical strategic thought," Jill Toscano, VP of U.S. Media, told Advertising Age. "I couldn't say with the volume of media buys that we do, and the volume of communications plans that we execute, that we would ever go towards 100% programmatic.”

Regardless of whether or not 100% programmatic is the real goal or just a motivational figure, Advertising Age points out that it “highlights the mindset of American Express — and no doubt other marketers...."



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