Turn On The APIs: DSP Unveils 3 New APIs

Demand-side platform (DSP) Turn on Thursday announced the availability of new APIs mean to help marketers speed up targeting and analytics.

The company unveiled three new APIs today, and said in a  statement that they are the first in a series of API releases, with more becoming available throughout 2014.

One of the new APIs is “Data Contract & Taxonomy,” and Turn tapped two large data providers as launch partners: eXelate and Datalogix. This particular API is meant to help load data faster.

The other two APIs are “Campaign Metadata” and “Campaign Metrics.” The “Metadata” API is meant to help marketers manage campaigns in bulk, while the “Metrics” API is mean to automate the collection of campaign performance data, per a release.

Turn has also launched “Audience Insights,” a research and analytics tool for marketers.



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