JWT Isn't Going To Let You Screw Up Mother's Day

JWT is having a lot of fun this Mother’s Day, but in addition, they are being very helpful -- albeit a bit late -- to those who aren't quite sure what to buy Mom. The agency is out with Intelligift, a research-based approach to gift selection. The service uses a "nationally representative" set of focus groups -- soccer moms, significant (m)others, stepmoms -- to ensure your gift brings mom tons of pleasure versus a year of awkwardness for giving the wrong gift. How nice. We all need some help every once in a while when it comes to gift selection.

Cleveland-based agency Brokaw has a mannequin named Shelly in the window of its downtown office. She has become an icon over the years as she wears a t-shirt which bears the names of the 20 quarterbacks the Cleveland Browns have had since 1999. Apparently, when a quarterback has a bad string of games, and the Cleveland Browns announce a change, fans head to Brokaw’s window to see Shelly. They go to see her because Brokaw adds the name of the new quarterback each time one is chosen. As Draft Day approaches, everyone in Cleveland will be looking to Brokaw's Shelly to see who the new quarterback will be. Of Shelly, Brokaw Co-Founder Gregg Brokaw said:  “It started out as just a funny statement by two loyal Brown’s fans. Then as the list grew, it took on different emotions, from sadness to anger, then back to funny. We truly hope this draft solves the issue, because we really don’t know how many more extensions [to the t-shirt] we can add.”

So how is Carter Murray doing over at FCB? Since taking the reins eight months ago, he's made all kinds of changes and we (and everyone else) have covered them ad nauseam. But press releases and news stories aren't the only thing that keep us up to date with Murray's world. His Instagram feed is a vast collection of the people he's met at FCB, his fellow FCB employees, FCB office decor and a whole lot more. Of his Instagram entries, Murray says, “What I’m trying to do every day is show that the corporate world isn’t some distant thing, that CEOs can be much more down to earth." And we love you for it, Carter!

So Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created a new position: global managing director. And they've brought in former Wieden+Kennedy Global Account Director Spence Kramer to fill it. Speaking of filling -- is it just us, or does the name Spence sound, well, less than full? As in incomplete? As in you just really really want to call him Spencer? We digress. In his new position, Kramer will oversee the agency's 8 offices. Of his move to CP+B, Kramer says: “I can’t think of better people and a smarter, more forward-thinking company to join than CP+B. The best years of this agency are ahead of us.”



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