Google Co-Founder Larry Page's Vision of Search

Google sees more than 100 billion searches monthly, of which 15% are new for the first time. The index gets updated within seconds to ensure that it shows the latest results, per Larry Page in his latest founder's letter to investors. He explains how voice search now works in more than 38 languages, including Thai and Vietnamese.  Verbal communication is often the easiest way to ask questions, especially on a mobile device.

In the letter Page hints at the future of search through several interesting visions. "Improved context will also help make search more natural, and not a series of keywords you artificially type into a computer," he writes. "We’re getting closer: ask how tall the Eiffel Tower is, and then when 'it' was built. By understanding what 'it' means in different contexts, we can make search conversational."



This type of conversational search will become instrumental in the future of wearable devices. These devices might not look like Google Glass, but more closely resemble a watch or an electronics assistant that combines the watch and the mobile phone. I believe the combination will become the gadget in the future that will help consumers avoid carrying more than one device.

Google Shopping Express, a same-day delivery service that will capitalize on self-driving cars, integrates with Google Shopping online. It's become part of the war with Amazon, Walmart and Target. Despite the benefits, the service also has its challenges. Forrester estimates that 10% of U.S. sales will move to e-commerce by 2017, but the multibillion-dollar grocery industry continues to lag in its technology investments. Think of all the grocery delivery services that sprouted, yet failed -- at least in California.

Most recently, grocery markets like Safeway reintroduced deliveries. The company runs a Google AdWords campaign touting one-hour delivery windows. Then there is Vons' grocery store deliveries, and smaller stores like Schwan's Home Service that lets consumers order anywhere from an app or desktop. They can place and update orders, earn reward points, and more.

Read Page's letter here.


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