BuzzFeed To End Partner Network, Focuses On Video

Unless quality video is involved, BuzzFeed no longer has use for smaller content providers. As such, the popular content hub has decided to sunset its existing partner network within a matter of months. 

“The partner network was an extremely valuable product for us and for partners, but its place has changed as the industry has evolved and BuzzFeed has grown into a fully staffed, global news and entertainment organization over the last few years,” BuzzFeed informed its partners in a Friday email. “As such, our agreement with you will end on or about June 30, 2014.”  

Partners had come to expect regular reports, viral alerts and traffic from BuzzFeed’s remnant inventory, and other dedicated units. In its place, BuzzFeed said it plans to focus more intently on BuzzFeed Video, “and will be shifting the structure of the partner network to a select group of new partners, solely focused around video.”

BuzzFeed’s growing enthusiasm for video is no secret. During a recent appearance at OMMA Native, Eric Harris, executive vice president, business operations at BuzzFeed, said the site is now racking up roughly 150 million views every month.

Kicking off the Digital NewFronts, late last month, Ze Frank, BuzzFeed’s executive vice president of video, said streaming media has essentially become a proxy for conversation.

BuzzFeed on Tuesday declined to elaborate further on the decision to axe its existing partner network. Quartz first reported the news on Tuesday.   

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