Las Vegas Taps Elite as Digital Outdoor Partner

The city of Las Vegas is entering into a public-private advertising partnership with Elite Media that includes the creation of a new network of digital outdoor signs on city-owned property, city officials announced Tuesday.

Currently, the Elite “Parquee” network includes four digital signs measuring 14 by 48 feet located in highly visible positions along I-515 and I-95, as well as smaller signs measuring about eight feet by 18 feet, located along high-traffic surface streets within the city.

Aesthetically, the design of the Parquee signs echoes the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, integrating modern high-definition digital display technology into a hip retro look.

According to city officials, the partnership will provide Las Vegas with revenues from advertising, and will also provide platforms to publicize city-sponsored programs and events.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman stated: “The city of Las Vegas has had to be creative in finding ways to fund essential city services during the recent economic challenges. The Elite Media Parquee partnership project is a perfect fit. The signs take up a very small footprint, the equivalent of a couple of parking spaces, and they will generate funding with no up-front costs to the city.”



The new Parquee network complements Elite's other outdoor advertising assets around Las Vegas, including both static and digital displays. In 2012 Elite signed an exclusive deal with the Las Vegas Monorail Company, giving it the right to sell interior and exterior ad space on the monorail system, including floors, ceilings, stairs, LED monitors, light boxes, column wraps and door panels, among other options.

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