Marketers Not Getting Up Close and Personal

According to a new study by Hipcricket, examining consumer attitudes and perceptions about mobile marketing, 66% of consumers have received a text message or mobile alert from a brand, but say that the majority of brands miss the mark by not sending messages that people find useful, relevant or personal.

Key findings of the study indicate that marketers embrace mobile as a vital component of the marketing mix:

  • 66% of respondents received a text message or mobile alert from a company/brand in the last six
  • 45% found that message or alert useful.

However, marketers miss the mark when it comes to sending relevant, personalized messages, which frustrates consumers:

  • 52% said the message felt "intrusive or spammy."
  • 46% said the message wasn't relevant to their interests.
  • 33% said the message didn't offer any value.
  • 41% said they would share more information with brands if incented with relevant offers or coupons

Doug Stovall, chief operating office at Hipcricket, says "… this research indicates that consumers are actively engaging brands via mobile marketing, but brands must deliver relevant and personalized campaigns… “

In the previous 6 months, consumers interacted with engaged brands:

  • 81% with Email or Newsletter
  • 47% opted in to received text message
  • 47% “liked” on Facebook
  • 19% received push alerts
  • 12% followed on Twitter

41% of survey participants indicated they would share more information with companies via mobile in exchange for relevant coupons or offers. Location data (20%) and demographic data (19%) were the most common forms of data people were willing to share.

"This data, properly analyzed, can unlock a treasure trove of information that drives more personalized, relevant mobile marketing," concludes Mr. Stovall.

For additional information from Hipcricket, and an infographic, please visit here.




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