Preparing Your War Room For Battle

Keep your clients close; come up with your best material beforehand; and hire comedians -- That’s how to run an effective "war room," according to Victor Pineiro, Vice President of Social Media at Big Spaceship. Particularly for bigger events like award shows and sporting events, the tools you give your team will make all the difference. “It all comes down to arming the content creators with the right amount of knowledge,” Pineiro told those in attendance for MediaPost's Content Marketing Insider Summit on Monday. It’s also critical that everyone in the room be armed will an intimate knowledge of the brand they are representing, along with a familiarity with the current event, and evolving conversation (including its main themes, the conservation the influencers are having, and what rival brands are talking about). The team had also better be monitoring content performance, including the best performing pieces. As for client proximity, Pineiro said “real-time” campaigns are ten-times more effective when clients, account people, creatives, and strategists are all literally sitting next to each other -- as opposed to communicating on Skype or somthing. As for Pineiro's preference for comedians, he's found that they think quicker than most, and are first to come up with the best retorts. 

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