NYT's Dowd: Shakespeare Would Have Loved Twitter, Obama Loves 'Mad Men'

CANNES, FRANCE -- New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd gave a soliloquy on great narratives, creativity and storytelling, sharing a personal anecdote about turning President Obama onto “Mad Men,” as well as personal insights, such as really great storytellers like Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare would have “loved Twitter.”

“After all, the Bard said, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’,” she speculated.

She also shared how Obama became a fan of “Mad Men” after Dowd gave him a DVD of the first season. Later, after watching it, Obama told Dowd that she probably thought he would like it because “there’s a lot of smoking in it.” But Dowd told him it was because it was about “solitude” and great narratives.

The President's favorite character is Peggy Olson.

Afterward, “Downtown Abbey” Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton took the podium to give her own view of great storytelling, and started off by sharing Dowd’s own advice to her: “Just tell funny stories and drop names.” She then shared one also involving President Obama, who once stepped on the back of the dress of actress Maureen McGovern, who plays a character in “Downtown Abbey” and almost tore her dress off.



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