NEW! Greenpeace Launches Dark Comedy To Draw Attention To Serious Arctic Events

greenpeaceGreenpeace launched a dark comedy, clocking in at 4 minutes, to draw attention to ways that people can help save the arctic. Events are based on a true story, although when watching it, you'd think otherwise. The video begins in the office of a small business owner and lover of the environment, Gary Stephenson. He recruits his office manger, a sweet, older woman named Dina, to fulfill a simple task: go to Russia, place a banner on the side of an oil rig and be prepared for potential jail time in a Russian prison. Dina says yes, but never had to make the journey, for the Arctic 30 did. The team of activists were blasted by water cannons, shot at, and eventually arrested, spending 12 months in a Russian prison. Actual footage from the real event is shown at the end of the video. Watch the video here, created by Future Camp and Greenpoint Pictures and directed by Olivier Agostini.
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