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Hulu, FreeWheel Weigh In On Programmatic Video

“Programmatic is what people want to embrace -- if it is worth the effort in terms of pay-out on the buy side and the sell side,” said Peter Naylor, SVP of advertising sales for Hulu, on Wednesday at VideoNuze’s Online Video Advertising Summit, according to AdExchanger. “We are happy to do preferred, guaranteed deals, on a private reserve basis. We are not talking open exchange, RTB (real-time bidding).” 

AdExchanger writes: “[B]efore broadcasters commit to programmatic, they must have answers to questions around brand safety (ensuring for instance a Chevy ad doesn’t follow a Budweiser ad), measurement challenges and how to reconcile new processes with long-lived TV workflow rules, said Doug Knopper, cofounder and co-CEO of FreeWheel, a sell-side digital video and TV tech company that helps major broadcasters monetize their inventory.”



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