Branded Tools A Factor In Creating Loyalty

Millennials are growing up. In my last Engage: GenY contribution, I highlighted the media’s tendency to overlook the fact that many older Millennials are already far along in the “game of life,” if you will. It goes without saying that the way this generation pursues life’s steps is different from that of Boomers and Generation X. Technology has obviously played a huge role in the lives of Millennials and will continue to do so. Because of this, brands should focus on ways in which they can incorporate this technology into their everyday lives. 

The majority of marketers trying to appeal to Millennials has already tapped into – or at least has plans to consider – mobile and digital ad strategy and tactics. However, this goes beyond simply engaging with consumers through social media or online gaming. This is about tools. 

The Millennial personality has shown us that convenience and immediacy have become paramount characteristics for any product. By offering members of this demographic something that makes their lives easier, it will likely establish loyalty and grant credibility. 

Consider this: recent research by Baby Center has indicated that 86% of new mothers are Millennials. Of that portion, 76% rely on electronic devices for parenting, while 83% use video sharing and 78% use mobile apps. While developing games and online contests might seem like the more fun route to take for a brand (especially those trying to appeal to mothers), giving Millennial consumers something useful as branded content may be another effective route toward winning loyalty. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Millennials have shown a strong drive to spearhead their own business. Fifty-four percent of Millennials either want to start a business or have already started one. Meanwhile, 35% of employed Millennials have admitted to having their own side business to supplement their income and 27% are self-employed. Most entrepreneurs will tell you that, whether you are selling sea shells or running a major company, a key to success is choosing the right tools to keep yourself, your employees, and your product organized. 

So how can brands take advantage of Millennials dominating both the professional and domestic marketplaces? By creating something useful in their eyes. If one of the major stepping stones to creating brand advocates is engagement, then there is no better way to engage a consumer than by helping them with life’s necessities. Brands, particularly household goods, should concentrate on creating apps that make tasks simpler, videos that educate, and written content that assists. By doing this, they will be viewed as assets in everyday life, not as disturbances.

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