Internetstores Finds Increased Email Volume Helps Drive Sales

Internetstores GmbH, a German-based retailer that expects to do €130 million in revenues in 2014, just celebrated a big milestone. The bike and outdoor retailer celebrated its first time earning 1 million in revenue in a day. Email is at the core to driving sales for the company.

Increasing volume of its email is central to the brand's email strategy. The company does this in two ways, both pushing list growth and increasing email frequency. "Without more emails, you don't get in touch with customers," said Thomas Spengler, head of CRM at internet stores GmbH, in a presentation at the Email Insider Summit in Europe today. To grow its list, the retailer recently made it easier for customers to share their email address on the e-commerce site.

The company also focuses on automation, sending triggered emails such as abandoned shopping cart emails. "Abandoned cart emails just work," said Spengler. In addition to triggers, the company began automating their newsletters by defining fixed creatives and automating the product selection process. This involved implementing an algorithm that looks at product demand and warehouse inventory, which determines which products populate the email.



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