TapSense Releases Ebook With Focus On Private RTB Exchanges

TapSense, a mobile ad exchange, has released a short e-book titled “A Complete Guide to Mobile Programmatic and RTB Advertising.”

The company has been making a shift from mobile ad network to mobile ad exchange, pushing publishers toward real-time bidding (RTB) and private marketplace use. Earlier this year, TapSense set up a $10 million fund that publishers could draw upon to use TapSense's private marketplace services for free while the funds lasted. The purpose of the fund was to entice mobile publishers to put more inventory up for programmatic buying.

Private marketplace use is expanding -- and not just in mobile advertising -- because they allow publishers and advertisers to take advantage of direct relationships, all while using the efficiencies of automation to reduce manual labor.

TapSense’s e-book walks publishers through the basics of private marketplaces, myths about mobile RTB and how to set up a private marketplace.



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