ShareWhere Combines Location-Based, Anonymous Social

Anonymous social media is kind of creepy, and so is location-based social media, but you know what’s really creepy?  Anonymous, location-based social media!

That’s the idea behind ShareWhere, a new social app that allows users to anonymously share what’s going on around them. One of the co-creators of app, Geoffrey Chan, explained: “ShareWhere is a new anonymous social sharing application, it is location based and tied to the places and people around you. There are no usernames and it is 100% anonymous. Users can go on and post a picture or text and say what's on their mind about a specific location or place in their area.”

Chan went on: “You can mention something that may have happened there in the past or expose a dirty little secret that is going on as we speak with absolutely no trace back to you. Users nearby can comment or direct message the author of a post and really get into the fun detail."

ShareWhere was apparently inspired by the club scene along Miami’s South Beach, where any number of shocking things happen that an onlooker or participant might want to relate -- but not necessarily link themselves to in a public forum that would later be subject to, say, the discovery process in court hearings. Just throwing out an example: “OMG doing lines with underage transvestite hookers at Twist!” That kind of thing.

Of course it’s also a great venue for gossip within a closed social circle, which makes it perfect for clique-ish millennials. And finally there’s another perfectly valid and useful application for an anonymous location-based social platform: it’s a good place for people who want to share reviews online but might be leery of putting any kind of identifying information down next to their opinions, for fear of offending someone or just because.

Chan noted: “We've seen everything from anonymous restaurant reviews to college students connecting and sharing secrets around campus.”

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