Stats, Stats, & Stats: Mobile by the Percentages

Along with the massive growth of mobile has come an equally large amount of research tracking and measuring its rise, with many benchmarks along the way.

 We receive mobile commerce research, studies and reports almost daily, from a wide range of sources.

Some come from independent research companies, some come from technology suppliers and some come from various combinations.

 I thought it might be interesting to compile in one place an aggregate set of data points, at least from a percentage standpoint, to see a broader snapshot of the state of mobile today.

So here’s my compilation of various percentages around mobile, all from recent research, with the research source at the end of each.

  • 3% -- Retailers today that have technology that can identify customers when they walk in the door, Boston Retail Partners
  • 9% -- Smartphone owners who have purchased clothing via mobile, Harris Poll
  • 12% -- Online purchasing globally done on a tablet, GlobalWebIndex
  • 22% -- Online physical goods transactions executed on tablets by 2019, Juniper Research
  • 22% -- Web payment transactions globally occurring on a mobile device, Adyen
  • 24% -- Would never leave home without their smartphone, Reputation Leaders
  • 26% -- Online purchasing globally done on a phone, GlobalWebIndex
  • 32% -- Consumers using mobile wallets, Thrive Analytics
  • 33% -- U.S. shoppers annoyed at waiting for someone to be available to take their payment, Reputation Leaders
  • 36% -- Shoppers who search for coupons on their mobile device, G/O Digital
  • 37% -- Pay at a store by tapping device on a payment reader using NFC, Nielsen
  • 37% -- Smartphone owners who plan to use their device to research products, National Retail Federation
  • 37% -- Online store visits that come from mobile devices, Custora
  • 42% -- Luxury hotel brands that do not offer maps via their U.S. mobile site, L2
  • 45% -- Smartphone owners who pay for goods and services at a store by presenting a barcode or QR code on their phone screen, Nielsen
  • 52% -- Grocery shoppers drawn back to a store by the in-store experience, PwC
  • 54% -- Online share of mobile  orders that come via iPhone, Custora
  • 65% -- Increase in U.K. mobile online sales this year, eMarketer
  • 67% -- Grocery shoppers drawn to stores by competitive pricing, PWC
  • 68% -- Increase in orders via smartphone since last year, BrandingBrand
  • 75% -- Retailers that plan to implement technology to identify customers when they walk in the door within the next five years, Boston Retail Partners
  • 78% -- Consumers aware of mobile wallets, Thrive Analytics
  • 81% -- Travelers accessing directions and maps from their smartphones, L2
  • 91% -- Consumers who identify their smartphone as the easiest to use in-store device, G/O Digital
  • 95% -- Retailers that list custom engagement as one of their top three initiatives, Boston Retail Partners
  • 110% -- Annual increase in smartphone revenue growth, BrandingBrand
  • 150% -- Mobile payments growth rate over five years, BI Intelligence
So there’s mobile by the percentages. Which stats, if any, caught your eye?




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