Multi-Screen Campaigns On Rise, But Analytics Sorely Lacking

There is good news and bad news when it comes to multi-screen ad campaigns.

The good news: Most marketers are on board, with 75% of advertisers now running multi-screen campaigns, according to a study of ad agency executives conducted by rich media ad provider Jivox in the second quarter. What’s more, of those that don’t run multi-screen campaigns, most are planning to do so. About 83% of those that don’t say they will fire up multi-screen campaigns this year.

In addition, advertisers are spending more on those campaigns, with about two-thirds saying their budget for multi-screen campaigns is up this year compared to prior years. Much of that stems from the massive growth in mobile, since 91% said they plan to spend more on mobile ads.

While not surprising, the mobile growth numbers should be a solid reminder that as the mobile platform skyrockets, marketers will be wise to tailor campaigns and ads for the medium.

The bad news when it comes to multi-screen ads? More than 60% of marketers say they aren’t getting the insights they want and need from the campaigns. More data that provides deeper information on targeting would be helpful for them to fine-tune their targeting and thus, their ad effectiveness, the study said.

That means marketers want to know if their pre-roll ads, for instance, are reaching the right audiences and specifically how those audiences are responding to various types of ads. This sort of deeper data can lead to more refined video ads buys. Almost half of respondents said they don’t even know which channels in a multi-screen campaign perform best, suggesting there is a huge opportunity for platforms to deliver much better analytics to marketers.

Jivox surveyed executives at agencies including Digitas, MEC Global, Mindshare, MediaCom, Omicom Group, Starcom MediaVest, Zenith Optimedia and more.

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