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According to a new Silverpop study, to provide a better understanding of the way consumers are currently being marketed to online, there is a growing trend for consumers having Best Friend Brands, the companies from which they will repeatedly open email correspondence and buy products. The study looks at current expectations from consumers for the way they are being marketed to, as well as the ways they would prefer to receive correspondence from brands



The most notable aspect the study has shown, says the report, is that consumers have a limited number of brands from whom they always open email correspondence. Globally, this averages 4.5 brands. For companies, being a Best Friend Brand is crucial, encouraging loyalty, and likely purchases. Around the world, consumers on average only purchase from three brands online within the space of three months, suggesting outreach needs to be relevant, timely and appropriate.

Dave Walters, product strategist at Silverpop, says “… relationships consumers form with brands… very similar to those they form personally… loyalty is in place which means brands can expect repeat purchases… as long as that trust isn’t broken… (achieved by) taking care with (brand) correspondence… communicating with consumers in a personally relevant and timely fashion… “

The research showed 71% of consumers would be more likely to make a purchase if the initial email outreach from a retailer or brand had been tailored especially to them, based on their likes and preferences following previous behavior.

Looking at the reasons why some emails were left unopened, the report says 58% of consumers across the globe reiterated the importance of personalization, saying they wouldn’t even open an email if they thought it irrelevant to them or their needs. The subject line is particularly appropriate, as 40% of consumers worldwide wouldn’t open an email if the subject line wasn’t relevant to them.

Likelihood Of Making A Purchase If An Email Is Tailored To Likes And Preferences 

  • Yes, definitely   17%
  • Yes, probably   87%
  • No   29%

Walters says “… the importance of the subject line is key… sending a message that is destined to remain unopened is a pointless exercise and waste of money…. “

 The study showed 64% of people would open an email simply because they trusted the brand. This was even more important for consumers in the U.S., where as many as 70% of those questioned said their existing relationship with the brand went a long way in determining whether or not they would open an email from them.

The research showed saturation to also be a key issue, with 34% of respondents saying they would leave emails unopened if they receive too much correspondence from the brand.

Does The Brands’ Email Approach Stop You From Buying From Them?

  • Yes    74%
  • No    26%

 There are clearly significant gains to be had for brands that get their email approach right. Email remains a crucial marketing tool, with 17% of the respondents saying they tend to purchase directly from a brand email once a month. This figure was even higher in the US, where it increased to 21%

The report says that only 14% of respondents worldwide did not see email as important in the communications received from favorite brands. Despite the advent of mobile, social and display, 67% of consumers want to receive information such as new products, special offers, transactional information and newsletters via this method.

Types Of Information Preferred To Receive Via Other Channels (% of Respondents)

  • There are not any types of information that I would prefer to receive via other channels    67%
  • Offers/promotions    21%
  • New Product information    13%
  • Account information     12%
  • Transactional information
  • (subscription renewals, delivery notices, etc.)    10%
  • Newsletters    10%

Walters says “… email (cannot be) an afterthought of digital campaigns… the (study) shows it’s a very crucial part of the marketing arsenal… “

In summary, the report says:

  • With each person only having five Best Friend Brands, the window of opportunity to become one of these is small
  • The most important takeaway is just how crucial personalization is to consumers 
  • Email is clearly an important part of the marketing arsenal and there’s a great opportunity for brands that get it right

For additional information, please visit Silverpop here.

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