Here's How Many Resumes You Should Expect For That Open Creative Position

A recent survey from The Creative Group offers up insight for agencies looking to hire creatives and for creatives looking to get into a particular agency. You can align your job search and hiring metrics with those of the survey to see where you stand. The study found that on average, advertising and marketing executives receive 23 resumes for every open creative position. Of those 23 applicants, six will be interviewed before the role is filled. So if you're an agency and you're getting a lot more or a lot less than 23 applicants, there's clearly something wrong with your job listing. If you're interviewing a lot more or a lot less than 6 applicants, you're also doing something wrong.

If you work in an advertising agency, a flight school representative may soon be come knocking on your door. Say what? Oh no, no, no. Not that kind of Flight school. Twitter Flight School. Yeah, that's what they're calling their training school designed to teach agencies all about the social network's advertising offerings and to make sure you give them plenty of money. The school has been quietly testing itself with Starcom MediaVest, MEC and Omnicom. Of the school, Twitter Head of Agency Strategy Christine Cuoco said: "The way that we think about Twitter is how it's most valuable to an agency and their clients when it's integrated across entire marketing strategies." Translation: We want to make it really easy for you to spend a lot of money with Twitter by making it really easy for you to integrate us into every last corner of your media plan.

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