Nativo Helps Marketers Get Native With Content Creator Consortium

Interest in native advertising is surging among brand marketers and agencies alike, but many still don’t know how to begin adopting this new channel, in part because they lack content that would be suitable for deployment in native ads.

To help brands and agencies overcome that hurdle, native ad distribution platform Nativo has created a new Content Creator Consortium that can get marketers up and running with native ad content faster than they could on their own.

The new consortium includes content creators NewsCred, Contently,, Niche and Poptent, together offering marketers custom content capabilities across digital media categories, such as articles, visuals (e.g. infographics) and video.

In creating the consortium, Nativo hopes to offer marketers a way of streamlining the process for creating native ad campaigns, from conception to creation, distribution, and measurement.



Chris Rooke, Nativo’s senior vice president of strategy and operations, noted: “Within the last 18 months, we’ve seen this huge influx of media agencies and brand marketers interested in native distribution. This is great, [but] what we didn’t anticipate is that many brands would come without content to distribute, or that the content wouldn’t be just right for native placement.”

Rooke added: “We realized the way to close that gap was to facilitate content creation on their behalf, to help get them started. We’re helping them thinking about their content strategy and getting going immediately, without having to go away and come back six months later.”

The content creation partners were all selected based on their ability to produce content of suitable quality quickly and on budget.

Under the system organized by Nativo, clients and agencies always know who created the content, Rooke emphasized, adding that the company has already seen a lot of activity through the consortium, which launched informally six months ago: “Typically the flight dates extend and the budgets expand significantly. You can go from one article a month all the way to an annual requirement of 50 pieces of content or more.”

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