Looking For Engagement From Real-Time Ads? Put Tech On For Size

When it comes to real-time marketing, one thing advertisers often rely on are trends. But trends are fickle things: sometimes they are slow to rise and slow to die, and sometimes they are fast to rise and even faster to die.

For example, this summer we saw the popularity of U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper, Tim Howard, trend upward -- something that marketers could have seen unfolding. On the flip side, and sticking to the 2014 World Cup theme, Luis Suarez’s bite was an immediate trend, and something marketers could not have premeditated. In both cases, however, marketers swooped in.

But what were the biggest trends of the last quarter, and how did marketers take advantage of them?

According to Taykey’s Q3 “Real-Time Trend Report,” the biggest trends last quarter revolved around the technology industry. Per the study, 17% of all trend-based targeting done last quarter was in the technology category, up from 15% in Q2.

“While some trends around tent-pole events could have been theoretically planned for in advance,” writes Taykey, “many new and unpredictable micro-trends emerged to impact media performance.”

Within the technology category, wearables were all the rage last quarter. Taykey notes that wearable device trends performed 252% better than the industry average. Trends related to “personal devices,” per Taykey, accounted for 30% of all real-time ads within the technology category. 

And within the wearables category, no ads performed better than those surrounding  LG’s announcement of its new G Watch R Smartwartch, which performed 10 times above the industry average.

For the report, Taykey claims to have “mined data across dozens of Fortune 500 ad campaigns throughout Q3 and compared the top performing trends tied to these campaigns against publicly-available benchmark data.”

The report gives credence to the belief that real-time marketing during major events is beneficial, or, at the very least, more than a gimmick.

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