Beacons for Luxury Brands: Show Me The Magic

In-store beacon media technology in mainstream retail stores can offer up basic creative experiences — with special deals, promotions, and the like -- for consumers. Still not all consumers may be open to in-story messaging to come via their smartphones while doing everyday shopping.

But luxury brands should use a different creative approach for the technology.

In speaking MediaPost’s Internet of Things: Beacons event, Craig Elimeliah, senior vp and director of creative technology for RAPP, says imagine wearing a Burberry coat you really can't afford. 

"A brand's objective and experience needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to the right place and right time. At the grocery store, when you have 500 different brands on the shelf, it doesn’t pertain.”

He adds: "But when you go into a specialty shop like a Chanel, or a Burberry, you want to be engulfed in that experience. The consumer almost wants the brand to t
ake over. It’s like, “Take me through your magic and get me to buy something.

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