Millennium Communications Cooks Up Digital No Yolks Campaign

Noodle season is upon us and New World Pasta's No Yolks brand is launching its first advertising campaign since the noodle brand was acquired by the pasta company two years ago.

Developed by Millennium Communications, the digital-only campaign targets moms –- the No Yolks core shopper. "Noodles aren't pasta. Pasta isn’t noodles. They aren't interchangeable," says Janine Prestegaard, group account director at Millennium Communications. "They represent warmth, comfort and we want to go after those consumers who like to cook and bake those comforting dishes. We realize that noodles aren't for everybody. You either are for them or you aren't. This campaign is for those people who love to cook."

The campaign's tagline “There’s No Yolks and No Other” is designed to remind consumers that it’s the “gold standard” of noodles, and that this brand is perfect “for noodle recipes that taste just like you remember.” Indeed, the concept plays off the brand's name. "It links the 'No' in the brand name to words that describe the product’s benefits – No worries, No surprises, No leftovers, No Yolks and No Other," said Pat Macri, president of Millennium Communications.



The campaign runs through March and includes advertising across major online recipe portals, such as, as well as popular blogger portals. "We also will target what I call hand raisers, meaning when you search online for chicken soup recipes, our ads will pop up," says Prestegaard. "I call that raising your hand." 

At the same time, banner ads will lead online consumers to the brand’s new mobile-friendly microsite which was also developed by Millennium. It has No Yolks brand and product information and features a broad range of recipes where noodles form the basis of traditional dishes, from beef goulash and beef stroganoff to chicken noodle soup, Kugel and Spanish-style noodles with shrimp and sausage.

"No Yolks noodles have a distinct place in many people's memories as the go-to base for warm, comforting dishes like casseroles and soups,” said Adriana Cune, the No Yolks Brand Manager.

The campaign is designed to achieve 145 million impressions among women age 25–54, with 75% reach through a variety of digital platforms. 

Digital, rather than print or TV, was the obvious channel for the brand's first real ad push. "You go where the consumers are," says Prestegaard. "Our consumer is on Pinterest and food blogs. They are sharing recipes online." 

No Yolks, introduced in 1976, is the top-selling noodle in the U.S. and Canada. Full-service agency Millennium Communications has worked on the No Yolks account for two years, and with its parent company New World Pasta for seven. The 30-staff agency also works with Bimbo Bakeries and JPMorgan Chase.

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