Marketing with Soccer: Unique deals... and fashion

Marketers not only learned a lot in the recent World Cup in 2014 but fans as well through new marketing executions.

Speaking at the Marketing: Sports. Soccer in America event, Jerome de Chaunac, global chief operating officer of Havas Sports & Entertainment says” “It was the true digital and social media World Cup.” He adds it was unique to many, fans included, that as  fashion marketers made appearences, as well as well a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton, which was involved with big event in Brazil with the trophy. 

John Shea, president of Marketing Americas for Octagon, says the event led to unique deals, “the use of content and the ways deals are made.” He says for the first time ever Johnson & Johnson negotiated with Coca-Cola a deal for shelf space at a big grocery chain Publix.

Bryan McAleer, director of marketing of ESPN, said: “It was less about a straight media buy, more about connecting to a core brand. You can’t just sponsor a generic piece of broadcast.”

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