Find Your Soccer Marketing Target: Soccer Moms, for example.

It’s not just about partnering with big soccer teams or big media for brands.

Speaking at Marketing: Sports. Soccer In America, Mike Bloxham, vp of national television and video of Frank N. Magid Associates, says some moms suggestions for brands would be to “sponsor the leagues our kids are playing rather than be led about the agenda for brands or the media.”

Bill Squadron, executive vp of STATS, reiterated remarks that John Guppy, founder, Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing, said earlier at the event: “Brand marketers need to pick a course." 

Panelists note it’s not just buying a sponsorship, TV media plan, or the “badge” of a professional soccer team. “You have to things that are relevant, and authentic,” says Angus McNab, head of content distribution, North America, Opta/PERFORM Group.

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