REA Group Goes Programmatic With TubeMogul

REA Group, an online real estate ad company headquartered in Australia, has partnered with TubeMogul to programmatically sell video ads.

REA Group will use TubeMogul to bring together its various data sets to create audiences and "present more relevant video advertising to’s millions of consumers,” the company explained in a release.

“We plan to use the TubeMogul platform to enable our media customers access to our unique first party audience, behavioral and intention data to a number of selected agency and trading desks in Australia,” stated Jonas Jaanimagi, REA Group head of media strategy and operations.  “These partners will use our valuable and anonymized database information to inform and optimize their digital video branding campaigns.”



REA Group will use TubeMogul’s platform on a self-serve basis, as most of TubeMogul’s clients do. The real estate group will also form an “internal programmatic trading team” to oversee the use of the platform, per a release.

REA Group will be able to use data gathered from online display campaigns for its video ad packages, according to Sam Smith, TubeMogul’s managing director, Australia. “We are thrilled to aid REA Group in providing better data-driven video advertising,” he said in a statement.

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