RPA Is Doing Movember 80's Style

So GSD&M got in on the whole Movember thing by...launching a Spanish telenovela. Yeah, I know. Read about that here. Not to be left out, RPA was inspired by some 80s-themed nostalgia and decided to go that route for their own agency's participation in the Movember agency challenge. Yeah, it's a little weird. Then again, most ad agencies are a little weird. No wait, they are a lot weird. But what's not to love about a collection of cheesy shots of a bunch of guys sporting mustaches and 80s-themed oddities?

While the agency claims the purchase isn't intended for expansion, the potential sale of a piece of land from the city of Richmond to Highwoods Realty Limited Partnership, landlord to The Martin Agency's 120,000-square-foot building was listed in City Council legislation "to facilitate the expansion of The Martin Agency offices." The plot of land has been listed for $916,000. The Martin Agency Chief Communications Officer Dean Jarrett said the acquisition would be "part of our ongoing effort to plan for the future growth of our company" but added the agency has "no immediate plans to add to our existing building in Richmond.



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