Rentrak Closes Kantar Buy, Pays WPP $30 Million Over Original Estimate

Rentrak today announced that it completed its acquisition of the U.S. TV measurement business of Kantar from WPP for an approximate value of $128 million, a $30 million premium over the value it projected when it announced the deal on Oct. 9th.

When it first announced the deal, it said the agreement also called for WPP to acquire a 16.7% stake in Rentrak for $56 million in cash, with a related agreement not to acquire a total of Rentrak’s total equity, including shares purchased in the open market.

In today’s closing announcement, Rentrak said it closed the deal by acquiring the Kantar assets for a total of 1,526,790 restricted shares of Rentrak common stock.

Rentrak said the transaction includes Kantar Media’s customer contracts and customer relationships involved in U.S. television measurement.

Rentrak said the acquisition would produce “multiple long-term revenue streams,” including “$7 to $9 million in revenue in fiscal 2016.”



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