Agency Pits Gen Xers Against Millennials In Holiday Smackdown

This ad agency "holiday card" from Boston-based Winsper pits the old against the young with a not so thinly veiled commentary on the trials and tribulations of Gen Xers working side by side with Millennials. It's the connected versus the tech illiterate. The chatty versus the subdued. 

In one scene an old elf reads the newspaper and downs shots of vodka while the young elves stick their faces in their phones while drinking Red Bull. The old elves complain, "You're never on time. You take too many breaks. Nothing ever gets done." The young elves reply, "You're stuck in the past. Why should I listen to you and do what I'm told?" 

And of course, the old elves working on an iPad have no idea what it is asking, "How do you work this? Where's the paper?" And best line from a Millennial elf: "What does 9 AM even mean?" Sure, everything's amped up with full on stereotypes but there's a happy ending. And it's because it's all about the work. The work brings young and old together towards one common goal. Or at least that's how it works around Christmastime. Watch here.



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