Video DSP VideoAmp Launches With $2.2 Million In Funding

The programmatic video ad space took considerable steps toward consolidation in 2014 with companies such as SpotXchange, LiveRail and BrightRoll all being acquired. However, that hasn't stopped new companies -- such as VideoAmp, which launched this week -- to continue entering the fray.

VideoAmp is a demand-side platform (DSP) for programmatic video advertising. The company has launched with $2.2 million in funding from Anthem Venture Partners, Simon Equity Partners, Third Wave Capital, Wavemaker Partners and ZenShin Capital.

The company says its platform allows advertisers to buy and manage video ad campaigns across multiple screens including desktop, mobile and television.

Ross McCray, CEO and co-founder of VideoAmp, told Real-Time Daily the platform is plugged into BrightRoll, SpotXchange,, LiveRail and Google’s DoubleClick AdX for digital video supply. For television inventory, VideoAmp will use AudienceXpress and its own solutions.

The company has also built its own fraud detection technology, viewability measurement technology and bidder, McCray said. He added that the platform supports any third-party viewability tracking such as Integral Ad Science, Moat or DoubleVerify and that the company will be partnering with data providers to help combat fraud, though no specific data providers were named.

VideoAmp’s platform also features Nielsen OCR (online campaign ratings) data. “From the beginning, we built our optimizing engines to find users that have a high percentage chance to be on-target according to OCR,” said McCray.

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