Holiday Stress Prompts Significant Sacrifice

According to BeFrugal’s new survey, the holiday season causes stress in over five in six Americans. Of those stressed, 65% find crowds of shoppers stressful, and 55% are stressed when finding parking and battling traffic. For two in five Americans stressed by the holidays, a cause of anxiety is a concern about going over holiday budgets.

The recently released survey results revealed most Americans will make significant sacrifices to save stress, time and money on holiday shopping. 87% of holiday shoppers would agree to give up something for a month in order to receive discounts; in fact:

  • 55% of those willing would give up watching football
  • 52% social media
  • 48% alcohol
  • 47% chocolate
  • 33% would even sacrifice an hour of sleep each day, and
  • 28% would forgo sex to enjoy holiday discounts!

24% of stressed shoppers say fitting in time for holiday shopping is a source of anxiety. Given the possibility to save at least 24 hours during holiday shopping, 62% would choose to spend that time resting, relaxing and sleeping. Nearly half would spend quality time with loved ones. And finally, 20% would devote the saved time to enjoying more sex, says the report.

Saving money on holiday shopping is a high priority for Americans this year. Nearly 90% are interested in using deals and programs to shop, and 68% of deal-seekers would like to be able to use both coupons and earn cash back rewards on the same purchase.

The BeFrugal Holiday Shopping Study was conducted by among 1,028 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over, using an e-mail invitation and an online survey. Quotas are set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the entire U.S. population ages 18 and over.

For additional information about the report or BeFrugal, please visit here.



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