The Trade Desk Taps Greenberg To Head New Programmatic TV Division

The Trade Desk, a demand-side platform (DSP), has announced the appointment of Gabe Greenberg as its general manager of advanced TV. Greenberg was formerly at Delivery Agent, where he led the company’s television advertising business.

The Trade Desk has also received $45 million in debt financing, per The Wall Street Journal, “as it looks to build out tools and services aimed at helping marketers run ads in various non-linear video platforms, like TV apps and connected TV devices.”

Greenberg will oversee The Trade Desk’s “advanced TV” division, which is also new at the company. The company is building out a team under Greenberg, although they don’t yet have a projected headcount.

The company is gearing up for what it anticipates to be a “meaningful shift” in 2015 when it comes to the application of advertising technology to television ad-buying. “I don’t think there’s been a material impact of any of that inventory to date,” Greenberg acknowledged. “We firmly believe this is going to be a significant opportunity for 2015 and beyond.”

Greenberg stressed that he believes the “programmatic TV” space needs to be thought of as more than just linear TV inventory.

“A lot of the programmatic TV energy seems to be focused purely on the linear space,” he said. “I think we are doing ourselves and the industry a disservice if we think of this purely as linear.”

Greenberg says the “full spectrum” of TV inventory -- including inventory from streaming devices such as Roku or Apple TV; “Smart TVs” from Samsung, LG and the like; gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation; and, to a lesser degree, video on demand inventory -- should be accounted for, as he believes “those devices are likely to become the new operating system in homes.”

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