New Programmatic Quiz: Have You Gotten Smarter?

In late September we shared with you a programmatic quiz that video SSP Altitude Digital issued, and 2,200+ quizzes later, the results are in.

The average score was 75%, and fewer than 5% of quiz takers got a perfect score. The lowest score Altitude Digital recorded was 21%.

You can test your programatic knowledge again today, as another SSP -- Improve Digital -- has issued its own quiz. It’s much shorter than Altitude Digital’s, though I found it more difficult.

I scored a 75% -- exactly the average of Altitude Digital’s quiz -- but Improve Digital’s quiz is less about the nitty-gritty technical stuff and more about the programmatic market at large. Several questions revolve around recent projections, and we even get a question about Sir Martin Sorrell quotes.



My favorite question of the bunch: What’s the technical name of the “second price auction” most RTB platforms employ? I got this one wrong, but now I know.

While we were able to circle back and share with you the quiz results from Altitude Digital’s test, Improve Digital isn’t collecting the average score. Take the quiz yourself to see where you stand -- or see if you've improved since taking Altitude Digital’s.

At the very least, you’ll be one Sir Martin Sorrell quote smarter.

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