BrightRoll Streamlines Analytics Reporting

Yahoo’s BrightRoll, a programmatic video ad platform, on Tuesday announced the launch of a new analytics hub called “BrightRoll insights.” The dashboard will give marketers performance data, audience composition reports, brand lift, social lift, and custom research data.

A BrightRoll representative acknowledged that its client could access all of this data before the launch of “BrightRoll insights,” but said the new hub gives marketers all campaign analytics from one dashboard.

While advertisers were able to get this information before, they had to use multiple dashboards, all with different interfaces to get the full picture,” the representative explained. “They also had to compile and send reports manually. The process was more labor intensive, time-consuming and it was much more difficult to get comprehensive insights into campaigns.” The announcement comes less than a week after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer appointed Prashant Fuloria to oversee all ad products for the company, and combined offerings from Gemini and BrightRoll, Search Marketing Daily reported.

"Analytics" image via Shutterstock.

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