If You Were Off Monday You Must Read This Column

Okay -- now that we have your attention, in all honesty you missed nothing Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Adland, like the rest of the world, took off. It is a national holiday, as you’ll recall.

However, when you're editor says to you, "Yeah, you'll still need to write an item or two on Monday for Tuesday since, you know, Tuesday isn't a holiday," and you realize that absolutely nothing happened in the ad world, well, you really have to get those creative juices flowing.

Holidays are a good thing, especially for you Madison Avenue types who can briefly enjoy your real lives and take a break from the folly that is advertising. For one day you don't have to read about the egomaniacally buffoonish Donny Deutsch getting his own comedy TV series or the CLIOs horning in on the USA Today Ad Meter or this ad guy who wants you to sniff your brands’ butts or Havas claiming those annoying paragraph splitting ads aren't annoying.

No, because yesterday you were all off work enjoying something special: real life, time with the family. You know, stuff that's really important in life. Not the stupid crap you have to do when you pass through the door to your agency or marketing department.

So be glad you're not reading about Donny Deutsch running around the beach wearing a Speedo or some other such nonsense that religiously, dependably and without fail, emanates from the advertising world with the regularity of a Michael Moore outburst. Oh yeah, did you hear his latest? He thinks snipers are cowards. Yeah, go look it up.

But if you really must know what happened in the ad world, Mr. Sketch launched a new Web site! Yeah, can you believe it? A brand new Web site. That is just so cool! And get this, the site is...wait for it...interactive! OMG! I can't stand it! Anyway, fellow columnist Larissa Faw has the whole story here.



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