Menopause Supplement Launches 'Monologues' Campaign

Drug-free supplement Estroven is launching a campaign inviting women to speak about menopause the way they really talk to each other.

Created by Grok, New York, national TV broke Jan. 19 and will be accompanied by digital and social media.

The campaign aims to give an honest, humorous and emotional take on a subject that often goes undiscussed in a public forum. Creative, themed "The Menopause Monologues,” was inspired by women who courageously express their frustrations about the changes they go through during menopause, many of them unexpected.

The goal of the campaign is to demonstrate that menopause, although uncomfortable and irritating, is a natural part of life and that with Estroven, women can minimize the negative aspects.

Humor is a great way to connect with the brand’s target, which are women ages 35-64 who are either in peri-menopause or menopause with a household income of $75,000, says Estroven Brand Manager Beth Smith.



“During qualitative research we learned it was okay to talk about menopausal symptoms in a humorous way,” Smith tells Marketing Daily. “However, it was important that we did this in a way that was not negative or overly dramatic. Grok has done a nice job finding the right balance to show a shared humor between the brand and the target.”

The brand’s previous campaign showed women no longer having menopausal symptoms because they took Estroven.

“The Menopause Monologues campaign brings the physical and emotional aspects of menopause to the forefront through a clever monologue,” Smith says. “We feel this approach will resonate well with the target market and drive awareness of the Estroven brand. We feel this approach will bring an emotional connection to the target.”

The campaign is scheduled to run throughout 2015.

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