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Hulu: Viewability Focus Led To More Ad Spend

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Hulu’s use of viewability as a currently “has led to more business,” despite “many Web publishers … reporting that advertisers’ growing insistence on buying only viewable ads has hurt their [respective] bottom line[s].”

Peter Naylor, Hulu’s senior vice president of advertising sales, said his team began selling ad space using viewability data without knowing what to expect, but it ended up paying off,” writes the WSJ. “At least twice during the most recent fourth quarter, advertisers running campaigns on Hulu while employing some sort of viewability tracking increased their budgets once Hulu demonstrated it can deliver high rates of viewable ads. 'We are absolutely benefiting from viewability. In one case, seven days after a campaign started, we got incremental money,'" Naylor told the WSJ.



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