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Runners, Are You Faster Than An Amur Tiger?

Admit it. You don’t just think you’re fast, you think that — on some caffeine-fueled mornings at least — you may even be faster than a Siberian tiger. Well, it’s on, says the World Wildlife Federation. The Russian WWF has thrown down a Tiger Challenge, with the #Run4Tiger hashtag. The group has GPS-tagged an actual Amur tiger, one of just 450 estimated to be left in the world. Challengers, using such running apps as Nike+ or MapMyRun, can compare their times with the mighty beast. If the tiger (who runs roughly 9.6 kilometers per day) wins, the human runner then makes a donation to the WWF’s tiger-saving programs. Moscow-based Hungry Boys is the agency.

WWF Tiger Challenge #Run4Tiger from HB on Vimeo.



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