SXSW: From Working Out To Works Of Art

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Which came first? The cubist connection or the social graph? Look at the social graph connecting the important artists of the Cubist Movement that Museum of Modern Art Senior Curator Paola Antonelli presented during her opening keynote at SXSW Interactive here? It is just me, or does it look a little like a cubist work of art?

Maybe. Or maybe that was part of Antonelli’s point, that there is a blurring going on between the art and non-traditional art worlds. She called that the “in-between.”

A good example is the way MOMA has curated video games, which Antonelli says is really just “interaction design.” The museum began collecting video games, but when it began displaying them as installations, Antonelli said, “It was almost like a shock,” because it didn’t fit within the framework of how people thought about modern art.

“The future,” she said, “is about the ambiguity and differences of all this coming together.”

There was no ambiguity about Antonelli’s area of expertise when the question and answer portion of the keynote began.

“No questions about working out,” she queried, referring to the preceding presentation by author and workout expert Tim Ferriss, which featured a lengthy Q&A session about the best and most efficient ways to work out.
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