New York Times: Digital First, Revenues Second

New York Times Executive Vice President of Advertising Meredith Kopit Levien made a strong case for a vibrant digital present -- and future -- at The New York Times, but as much as it has embraced a “digital first” strategy, its digital revenues are still a distant second.

Here’s the math:

“Last year the Times did about $180 million in digital advertising,” she said, adding, “We did almost that much in digital subscriptions. That puts us at a digital business that’s in the $350 million range, which I think is pretty good given where we are in the digital disruption curve.”

To put that in a full perspective, she said the Times Co.’s non-digital newspaper business is still a $1 billion business.

“There is no hiding the ball on that, nor do we want to,” Levien said, adding that the Times still see strategic opportunities for traditional newspaper publishing.

“We do understand that will not be the entire form factor case for some audiences,” she conceded.
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