Popular On YouTube, But Not On Snapchat

The changing face of YouTube stars require the influencer to be popular on more than just YouTube. Brands need to analyze the success across a variety of media platforms. Views are important, but impact has become more important.

In the world of YouTube stars there are specific niches. There are so many "stars" that brands need to remember the impact on their brand. So how does a brand find an influencer who really believes in the brand? Some YouTube stars maybe popular on YouTube, per the panel at OMMA @SXSW, but not other channels like Shapchat. Ask these questions:

1) Does the YouTube star fit and how would they fit?

2) When working with a YouTube influencer, don't use a strategy that doesn't work for their channel.

3) Be upfront and honest from the beginning.

4) Make sure it's something the influencer wants to do. Make sure it's not just a check and they are comfortable with the level of the content.

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