Expedia Moves Conference To Tears

Expedia’s Jason Rubenstein’s presentation to the MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit moved many in the audience to tears.

That’s okay, it was by design.

Rubenstein showed several long-form videos including a story of a friendship formed in the oncology unit of a hospital. Maggie, the survivor of the pair went on to speak at a St. Jude event about how the organization helped her young friend.

“The ‘Find Yours’ campaign has really helped to change the conversation, not just between us and our customers, but between us and our suppliers.” says Rubenstein, director, Expedia Media Solutions.

The multi-platform campaign focuses on the emotional experiences people can find when traveling. Through this approach, Expedia was able to become more than just a booking engine.

In another iteration of the effort, Expedia asked people on the street where they would go if they could go anywhere. After they gave their answer, they were asked if they would be willing to drop everything and go. After several nos, they found a man willing to leave that day on his “bucket list” dream trip to China. Expedia followed him on his jouney.

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