Ad-Free YouTube: Paying For Streaming TV/Video In A Sea Of User-Generated Content

Google’s YouTube is making another concerted effort to jump into the subscription video-on-demand market -- offering consumers an ad-free version of its mostly user-generated video platform.

And why not? With the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and new players trying to make hay -- as well as newer OTT ad-free efforts from HBO Now -- there is money to be made directly from consumers who seemingly have around $10 or so extra a month for their increasingly expanding video habits.

But is just ad-free enough to bring the crowds? For the many creators of popular channels who have pulled in loyal followers, the question is if users will want to pay $10 for that content

This version of YouTube -- according to reports -- doesn’t seem to want to be like Netflix and Amazon, which can now be identified by be name TV brands such as “House of Cards” or “Transparent.”



It's not exactly a new service, but possibly a response to new digital video alternatives likes Vessel, started by the founders of Hulu, a site that looks to give more favorable revenue-sharing arrangements to TV channel creators.

Will Google make a big splash here? Not sure. CNBC commentators said on Thursday that Google needs something to “jolt it.” Maybe in the social media area -- like perhaps buying Twitter, for example?

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