ZipRecruiter Goes National To 'Find The Right One'

Over the past five years, online job platform ZipRecruiter has grown into a major employment destination, with over 650,000 employers posting jobs and 30,000 new business signing up each month.

Now, the job site wants to continue this growth via its first national TV campaign, which was developed by its new agency Tiny Rebellion.

The campaign includes “One-Click,” a spot that highlights ZipRecruiter’s value to small business owners with an overview of key features. Another spot, “Right Resume," cinematically visualizes ZipRecruiter’s commitment to making hiring simpler for small businesses.

Together, the spots present both the emotional and technical sides of hiring. They show how ZipRecruiter’s focus on simplicity and ease-of-use helps customers navigate both to find the right candidate, says Allan Jones, Chief Marketing Officer for ZipRecruiter. 



"With 'Right Resume' especially, we really wanted to get at the emotional aspect of hiring,” said Jones. “For a small business owner, adding an employee is an incredible commitment, it’s literally taking a leap of faith in a candidate. It’s so important to them that they find the right person; this is someone they’re bringing on in the family business in a lot of cases.

"Making that kind of hire is a life-changing, emotional moment, and we wanted to capture that, that moment of connection, of finding that perfect candidate, because at the end of the day, hiring is all about people,"  he says.

The ads are anchored by the site's new "Find The Right One" tagline, which will be used across all marketing and promotional materials.

Both ads are broken into a mix of 60-second, 30-second and 15-second spots running nationally on cable and online. "We’re targeting small- and medium-sized business owners who are in a hiring mode, and cable sports programming and cable news have performed very well for us in our tests. We’ll be primarily focused on those outlets, with the bulk of the buy going to cable news," says Jones. 

Tiny Rebellion's executive creative director Jennifer Parke oversaw the effort and assembled the team that did the work. Those involved included Hollywood cinematographer Simon Duggan ("The Great Gatsby," "I,Robot") and set designer Gerald Sullivan ("Grand Budapest Hotel," "The Dark Knight Rises," "Minority Report"), as well as Nick Liebeskind and David Blacker as co-writers, and Misko Iho as the director.

Executives at the brand also tapped data to hone their product. "We’ve been honing the product, obsessively simplifying and streamlining it in response to the needs of our customers," says Jones. "During that time, our marketing strategy was evolving from a focus on digital to a fully integrated approach, which included more traditional channels like radio and television. As we do with everything at ZipRecruiter, we tested different television approaches until we arrived at an optimized formula.”  

Founded in 2010, ZipRecruiter is a privately held company based in Santa Monica, California. Also based in Santa Monica, Tiny Rebellion's clients include Bolthouse Farms and TrueCar. 

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