The Living Room War: The New Art Of Socializing TV

The second screen effect continues to challenge marketers, according to panelists at MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit.

None of the specifically engineered TV apps have really taken off, says Craig Weinberg, vp mobile strategy, 3Q Digital.

“I think the reason we constantly go back to Facebook and Twitter is that’s where our friends are,” Weinberg says.

Certain shows make more sense for connecting to consumers, he says. Some shows do not lend themselves to social interactions, he says.

“If I’m looking at my phone while watching  ‘Game of Thrones,’ I’m going to miss something, Weinberg says.

Joe Gizzi, strategy director at MSM agrees, adding that certain clients, such as “Mad Men,” actually don’t want viewers to be doing anything other than watching.

“Mad Men’s social activations are after the show or the next day, the show creators really don’t want people to interact during the show, which they view as a piece of art,” he says.

There are going to be some licensing issues with sporting events on Periscope, says Monson Tseng, business development director, Possible Mobile.

Insertions need to be organic, he adds.

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