DDB: 77% Of Moms Prioritize Family Over Career

Although today's families are increasingly more equal in terms of sharing child rearing and chores, traditional values still dominate, according to DDB Worldwide. 

And younger parents express more conservative viewpoints. One in three Millennial moms (34%) believe fathers should be the "boss in the house" versus 26% of Gen X and Boomer-age moms. 

Millennial moms are more likely than Gen X and Boomer moms to believe the best way of life is a marriage where the husband works and the wife stays home to take care of the house and kids (46% vs. 37%).  

"There is so much attention focused on the ways in which Millennials are different from other generations," says Denise Delahorne, SVP group strategy director, U.S., at DDB. "While that might be true for many aspects of life -- for example, modes of communication, shopping behavior, consumption of media, etcetera -- it really is not true when you look at many fundamental aspects of parenthood. That these similarities extend beyond simply the joy that motherhood brings, but also larger issues, like the ability of single people to be just as capable of raising a child well as married couples, is a surprise from both ends of the age spectrum.” 



Younger moms feel that their presence ensures happy and healthy children, per the study. Nearly half of Millennial-age moms (49%) say that moms who stay home with their children will have a better relationship with their children as opposed to those who work, compared to 42% of Boomer moms who feel the same way. 

One in four Millennial moms (23%) say that households with both the mother and father present aren't "real families," compared to only 18% of Boomer moms that say the same. 

At the same time, Millennials aren't the only generation to hold traditional viewpoints. Boomer moms are more likely than Millennial and Gen X moms to believe having children without getting married is wrong (37% vs. 27%). 

Hispanic women (70%) are more likely than Black (60%) or Caucasian women (56%) to think of themselves as a parent first and a wife second.   

And moms from higher income households are more likely to need time away from their children.  

Nonetheless, regardless of age, race/ethnicity or income level, moms prioritize their families over careers. More than three in four moms (77%) would dial back at work if they felt their career was getting in the way of parenting. 

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