Turn Adds DoubleVerify's Pre-Bid Data To Platform

More and more ad tech platforms are turning to pre-bid data to inform automated ad campaigns, and many of them are turning to the same source: DoubleVerify, a digital ad measurement firm.

DoubleVerify on Tuesday announced that it has added Turn, a demand-side platform (DSP), to its growing list of ad tech platforms that have access to its pre-bid data. DoubleVerify's data will now be available to Turn clients through its DSP.

DoubleVerify’s data is intended to let advertisers know whether an impression is likely to be viewable, brand-safe, contextually relevant and free of fraud -- all before the bid is placed in a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace.

The company's pre-bid data is now available through Turn, The Trade Desk, AppNexus and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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