Apple TV May Feature Live Local Programs

You’ve got to hand it to Apple -- always looking for that extra media wrinkle. The company isn’t just looking to relaunch Apple TV as a plain-Jane stand-alone digital TV service; it wants to feature live programming from local TV stations as part of a package, according to “industry executives familiar with Apple’s plans,” reports Re/Code’s Peter Kafka.

If that’s correct, Apple’s local TV effort would be similar to what it did for music labels under the iTunes Store: in part, giving somewhat underserved companies some positive backing and a new delivery method of their content.

This would be especially helpful for local TV stations, which have long needed a plan for incorporating themselves into new digital TV-video platforms.

Apple would still need to negotiate with broadcast network-owned station groups in big markets, along with those station groups not owned by the networks, which have seen consolidation over the last few years.



Right now competing stand-alone TV services aren’t focused heavily in this area,  since for many adding in over-the-air TV stations would significantly increase the cost of these packages , defeating the purpose of why they were started in the first place.

Unlike other new stand-alone TV services, such as Sling TV,  HBO Now, and CBS All Access -- which have targeted  just a slice of a the pay TV marketplace: consumers with limited financial means -- Apple wants Apple TV to be a mass appeal product/service.

Consumers are a savvy lot when it comes to the pricing of pay TV services. But they also pursue singularly unique media brands which brings in distinctive value. Apple will look to work its magic here -- to go the extra mile.

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  1. Leonard Zachary from T___n__, May 27, 2015 at 11:38 a.m.

    Who will pay the $$$$ or is it $0.25?

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