Twitter Debuts Audience Insights To Aid Advertisers

Expanding its analytics offerings, Twitter is rolling out Audience Insights -- a new tool to help advertisers make sense of the network’s users.

With Insights, Twitter is promising to shine a light on brands’ followers, along with anyone who engages with their organic tweets. Brands “can also identify new, relevant audiences to target for an upcoming campaign,” Andrew Bragdon, a product manager in the revenue department at Twitter, assured in a new blog post.

Marketers get their own dashboards, which aggregate information about user demographics, interests and purchasing behavior.

Among other applications, a beauty brand running a campaign to increase awareness about a new cosmetics line can use Insights to learn about its potential customers, including the beauty products they recently purchased, what fashion trends they are interested in, and even TV viewing behavior.



“Based on this information, [the brand] can identify the best segments to target within Twitter Ads, along with which creative -- such as a Vine or video clip  -- [their] audience will find most compelling,” according to Bragdon.

Advertisers can also use audience insights to learn more about their followers and the people who engage with their Tweets, then tailor targeting and content accordingly.

For example, an app developer that sees that the majority of their followers use an iPhone can ensure their rich media is tailored for that device and operating system. 

With Insights, brands can also compare audiences to, for example, see how information about their followers indexes against Twitter’s audience. In the interest of user privacy, all information is aggregated, and derived from Twitter data sources and information that is matched from its Marketing Platform Partners, such as Datalogix. 

Insights is part of an ongoing effort by Twitter to prove its worth to media and marketing leaders.

Among other efforts, Twitter recently launched Curator -- a real-time dashboard for publishers to monitor and manage tweets (and Vine videos) across media channels.

Curator was designed to help publishers of all stripes discover relevant conversations and trending topics based on geographic region, user demographics, and other filters.

As its name implies, the service’s filters are intended to help publishers curate content, which can then be packaged for the Web, TV and any other connected screen. TV broadcasters, for example, can use Curator to create on-air graphics featuring tweets that are relevant to a current segment.
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